Changelogs: Version 1.0.1
March 24th, 2013 · permalink

Two weeks after the launch, we got to talk to laundry shop owners and customers about their thoughts on We’re glad to have gathered insights from both ends of the target users. As expected, there were minor improvements we had to implement. And there were also rather big-ticket items we need to address.

After careful assessment to such “requests” from the end-users, the Lavandera Team all put their game face on to address the enhancement concerns. Here are the results of our first changelogs:


  • = Changed the title of “Clothes” tab to “Closet”
  • + Added an option to delete New laundry item/s

Shop Owners:

  • + Added an option to provide a Control Number to each laundry endorsement accepted at the shop
  • = Updated the “Add Shop” feature after log in
  • + Applied a notification prompt for Shops requested for Ownership Claim
  • + Applied an indicator of approval processing for Shops being claimed for ownership

Thanks to those who introduced us to laundry shop owners, and the latter for their  insights on laundry shop operations vis-à-vis the Lavandera app’s relevance to them. Thanks as well to the people who did a sweep-through of the site features so we could get initial end-user insights.

Do you have something to tell Feel free to use the form on the Lavandera contact page or drop us a line at


Lavandera is a web app that allows you to find laundry shops closest to you. It also allows you to manage laundries you sent. You can view the status of each laundry, from pick-up to delivery. Makes you a happy camper!

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