The Lavandera Story
February 1st, 2013 · permalink

Some great ideas are borne out of unexpected circumstances. And places.

My whole bunch of whites went missing…” relates one of our friends after gulping down half of his venti frappe. He was referring to his white long-sleeve polos, shirts, towel, and socks seemingly worn by the laundry shop leprechaun. Further ranting ensued, especially as he learned there was no way he could track back how that group of laundry items got lost. Neither could the laundry shop owner or the staff who handled his laundry explain such horror.

Steam of anger was already fuming out of everyone’s ears (Yeah, we empathize with one another that way). Luckily, before a flaming cloud could engulf the group, a brilliant idea was put on the table.

What if there was a system that allows laundry shop owners to methodically record and track each laundry item their customers entrust to their shop,” asked one. Everyone tilted their heads up, with eyes wide open, as if saying “Right, it’s about time…” The nods that followed confirmed the group’s consensus. And the laundry shop owners and patrons we surveyed, online and face-to-face, attested further to the need for such a business solution as Lavandera (You’re too many to list down here, but thanks again for your time!).

Each day after that, milestones for Lavandera had to be reached. From purchasing of domain name, to business registration, to deciding on a business model, to market research, to planning of system design, structure and intuitive features, (three deep breaths here) to content population, to system check and quality assurance. (Insert sigh of relief here). Oh wait, there’s still the P.O.S. integration!

Regular meetings were a must, especially that new to-do items each week were like gnomes inking their sly grins on our list. Site assessment, tweaks and improvements–based on strong realizations and learnings–had to be implemented. Meticulous thinking and smart decision-making making had to always be part of every step. No stone left unturned, as one member puts it.

Indeed the journey to putting Lavandera in place had been challenging. Nonetheless, every part was all worth the dedication the Lavandera Team put to it.

Today we’ve launched Lavandera. Today the long-running problem of laundry shop owners and customers has met its match. And the laundry-stealing leprechaun is now ready to move out.



Lavandera is a web app that allows you to find laundry shops closest to you. It also allows you to manage laundries you sent. You can view the status of each laundry, from pick-up to delivery. Makes you a happy camper!

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